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post-coup disappearances

Report: Suspicious abductions in Turkey raise fears of state role

A series of mysterious kidnappings in Turkey is bringing back the fear of forced disappearances by state agencies in the mid-1990s, Politico has reported. According...

Indian political cartoonist portrays forced disappearances of Turkey’s purge

Aseem Trivedi, an Indian free speech activist and cartoonist, has drawn cartoons of 13 Turkish citizens who have allegedly been abducted or disappeared after...

Abducted academic’s wife says ordered by authorities to stop pursuing case

Emine Özben, the wife of Mustafa Özben, who was allegedly abducted by Turkish intelligence in May, said she was threatened and ordered by authorities...

Families of abducted Gülen followers talk to BBC

The families of abducted Gülen followers, whose abductions have been confirmed by eyewitnesses, have spoken to BBC Turkish service. Eleven people have been reported...

Teacher, lawyer go missing in new wave of post-coup disappearances

Fatih Kılıç, a teacher who was dismissed from his job under post-coup emergency rule, and lawyer Mustafa Özben have been missing for days, joining...

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