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Ankara mayor: Tremendous increase in personal weapons in post-coup Turkey

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An increasing number of citizens have been arming themselves following a failed coup attempt in Turkey on July 15, Ankara Mayor Melih Gökçek said in remarks on a live TV show over the weekend.


“No need to keep it a secret,” Gökçek said, going on to say that people are armed in large numbers out of fear of a second coup attempt. In reference to citizens, Gökçek said that ¨they realized the whole world is setting a trap for Turkey,” reiterating the pro-government argument of “foreign powers” undermining the regime in the country.


Gökçek also challenged rumors of a second coup as he said that the people would react by resisting another coup attempt. He further argued that certain Alevi associations are aiming for an Alevi-Sunni clash in the country, suggesting that atheist Alevis might be trying to cause chaos in Turkey.


Gökçek is known for his sensational and inaccurate tweets and targeting of opponents from various segments of society.

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