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Increasing presence of Salafi groups in Turkey again sparks concern

The growing presence of radical Islamist Salafi groups in Turkey and allegations of increasing private gun ownership among them have once again sparked concern...

Ankara mayor reiterates that regular citizens are armed

Mayor of Ankara Melih Gökçek wrote from his Twitter account on Thursday that regular citizens are armed and that a new coup attempt would...

Foundation reveals 85 percent of 20 million guns in Turkey unlicensed

The Umut (Hope) Foundation, a leading advocate of gun control in Turkey, has revealed that there are 20 million guns in the country and...

Turkish Interior Ministry says arming AKP politicians normal and necessary

Turkey's Interior Ministry said in a statement on Tuesday that arming politicians who are targeted by terrorist groups in eastern and southeastern Turkey is...

Rize governor says large number of gun licenses issued since July 15

Amid fears of a growing number of firearms among the people of Turkey, the governor of Rize said on a TV show that he...

Ankara mayor: Tremendous increase in personal weapons in post-coup Turkey

  An increasing number of citizens have been arming themselves following a failed coup attempt in Turkey on July 15, Ankara Mayor Melih Gökçek said...

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