Civil rights are under threat in Turkey (VIDEO)


Failed coup that Erdoğan called “a blessing of God” has led to the biggest purge in Turkish history.

72,000 civil servants including judges governors teachers were suspended; 18,500 people were taken into custody; and almost 10,000 of them were arrested.

Among those that are arrested are 59 journalists and intellectuals.

Hilmi Yavuz, one of the prominent intellectuals of Turkey, a great writer, poet and columnist was taken into custody at the age of 82.

Şahin Alpay, who is known for his advocacy of democracy, freedoms and civil rights, is under arrest.

Islamic thinker, sociologist and journalist Ali Bulaç who had been appreciated by AKP communities and Erdoğan until recently is under arrest.

Leading journalist Nazlı Ilıcak who has fought against coups throughout her life and who has never given in to threats and blackmail, is under arrest.

Journalist Ahmet Turan Alkan, a master of irony, who had been appreciated especially by conservatives is under arrest.

Journalist Prof. Mümtaz’er Türköne who stands out not only with his scholarship but also his democratic and nationalist identity is under arrest.

Beside these intellectuals and thinkers, lots of executives and journalists from various media outlets that were recently shut down because they were Erdoğan opponents, are now in prison. Some of the unlawfully prisoned journalists have serious medical problems.

Ali Bulaç who had a by-pass surgery recently has to be medically checked up.

Journalist Emre Soncan has a serious kidney disease. He has to be under physician supervision with a very special diet and his tests must be done regularly.

Haşim Söylemez, one of the arrested journalists, has had his second brain surgery very recently. His health has to be monitored closely.

In Turkey were rule of law is put aside, the most basic civil rights are under great threat.

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