President’s advisor argues foreign nations desire to be ruled by Turkey


President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s advisor Yiğit Bulut argued on a TV program on Wednesday that foreign nations desire to be ruled by Turkey.

“They are talking about how they can be ruled from İstanbul in Middle East,” Bulut said. He also added that people in Central Asia and Africa also talk about being ruled from İstanbul.

“The Balkans are turning to Turkey. The Balkans are turning to the center of this geography,” Bulut said. He also argued that people in Europe cannot express this desire due to the pressure from the German government.

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  1. Aliyev is also wondering abıut the same thing. Are they Türk anyway or Iranian or some Russian derivative? SOCAR considers Turks as second class and discriminating against Turks in Turkey. They are bringing Azeri’s for their investment here. Why not kick all spoiled Azeri’s and tehir corrupt money out and go över to conquer SOCAR in Baku? Do you share these observations?