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mehmet barlas

Main opposition party could be banned from elections, pro-government columnist says

A pro-government journalist has speculated that Turkey’s main opposition could be shut down ahead of the general election slated for 2023, the Gazete Duvar...

Pro-gov’t journalist associates alcohol ban during lockdown with Gülen

Mehmet Barlas, a columnist for the pro-government Sabah daily, has criticized the Turkish government’s recent move to ban the sale of alcoholic beverages in...

Turkish columnist: US sends homosexuality-triggering bombs against enemies

Mehmet Barlas, a staunchly pro-government Turkish columnist, has claimed the United States sendsspecial bombs against its enemies that trigger homosexuality among the male population...

Pro-gov’t columnist claims Obama could be Gülen’s White House ‘imam’

Mehmet Barlas, a columnist from the pro-government Sabah daily who is known as a staunch supporter of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, claimed in his...

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