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‘We live in fear’: Once embracing, Turkey turns on migrants

Ghawsuddin Mubariz was already spending restless nights worrying about being sent back to Afghanistan when a stadium full of Turkish football supporters broke into...

Hate speech against Gülen movement escalates as pro-Erdoğan propagandist calls for extermination

Journalist Fatih Tezcan, a pro-Erdoğan propagandist, on Tuesday said on a live YouTube broadcast that followers of the Gülen movement should be massacred right away and...

Guests or enemies? Syrian refugees in Turkey after 10 years

Alin Ozinian The Syrian civil war has brought the largest world refugee and displacement crisis of our time, with extensive deaths, displacement and destruction. The...

Dutch police arrest Erdoğan supporter for threats against Gülen movement

A 42-year-old Turk was arrested in the Dutch port city of Rotterdam on Monday for incitement of the masses, insulting, threatening, spreading hatred and...

Official ‘evidence’ of coup in Turkey: $1 bills, GTA IV game codes

Following a failed coup attempt in Turkey on July 15, some 100,000 people have been taken into custody, arrested or purged from their jobs....

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