Turkey, Russia mull joint working group on Libya conflict: statement


Turkey and Russia agreed during talks in Ankara to continue joint efforts to create conditions for a lasting and sustainable ceasefire in Libya and are considering the creation of a joint working group, a joint statement said on Wednesday, according to Reuters.

The statement, published by the Turkish Foreign Ministry, said Ankara and Moscow also agreed in the talks to facilitate the advancement of intra-Libyan political dialogue and called upon the parties to take measures ensuring safe humanitarian access and delivery of urgent assistance to those in need.

The countries agreed on facilitating “the advancement of the intra-Libyan political dialogue in line with the conclusions of the Berlin Conference on Libya (19 January 2020) and in coordination with the UN,” the statement said.

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  1. According to NEWSNOW LIBYA, ‘in the last hour’, “Turkey and Russia agree to continue efforts for a ceasefire, stability in Libya”…..and then “Russia, Turkey agree to push for Libya ceasefire”……”Turkey, Russia say they seek lasting ceasefire for Libya” ……..”Russia, Turkey hold consultations on resolving Libya conflict”…..but wait, ‘in the last two hours’, “Turkey, Russia mull creating joint working group for Libya!”. OK, but the resolution of so many similar crisis’ is for diplomats, statesmen, generals and presidents to push the crisis to the proverbial ‘red line’, until the pressure becomes impossible and then the balloon goes ‘bang’ or deflates. Which will it be, Turkey and Russia? You both appear to be holding a Pin.