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TV anchor says pro-gov’t media responsible if something bad happens to him

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Fox TV news anchor Fatih Portakal has complained about being targeted by pro-government media outlets due to his recent remarks about the unlikelihood of mass protests in Turkey similar to those in France, saying that these media outlets will be responsible if something untoward happens to him.

Earlier this week Portakal angered government officials and supporters due to his remarks following a news report on the ongoing public protests in France, saying that no peaceful protests could take place in Turkey.

“Let’s protest price hikes. How many people would take to the streets?” Portakal asked, while pointing to the fear among the people of persecution by the regime.

He has been accused by the government and its supporters of calling on people to rebel against the state.

“Am I giving you so much worry? I am afraid for my life. For me, it is not important, but I have a family and loved ones. Make news about facts, criticize, but do not target me. If something [bad] happens to me one day, you are the reason — the news websites and TV stations of the pro-government media,” said Portakal during the evening news on Wednesday.

Portakal, one of the most popular news anchors in Turkey, is one of the few critics in the Turkish media.

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