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Columnist claims popular Turkish TV series ‘Ezel’ contains Gülenist messages

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Ultranationalist columnist Nihat Genç has argued in his column on the Oda TV news website that popular Turkish TV series “Ezel” contains Gülenist messages and that a major character in the show was inspired by self-exiled Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen, who is now considered an “enemy of the state” in Turkey.

In a column published on Friday Genç said he found “secret” messages within the popular series after a reader directed his attention to the “Gülenist” concepts in the show.

According to Genç, a mask that resembles Gülen is shown several times in the show. A major character named Ramiz actually represents Gülen since both suffer from diabetes, he said. The Oda TV columnist also pointed out that name of Gülen’s father is Ramiz.

Turkey accuses Gülen of masterminding a coup attempt on July 15, 2016 and has been pursuing a massive purge of the sympathizers of the movement.

The movement denies any involvement in the abortive putsch.

According to Genç, it cannot be a coincidence that the names in the series “Ezel” overlap with the coup attempt. He says two of the characters are named Sekiz (Eight) and Temmuz (July). Genç wrote that according to one assertion, the coup attempt was originally planned for July 8 and delayed due to a NATO meeting.

Finally, the Oda TV columnist claims that the final scene of the series ends with a door opening to spring, which is the same theme as the cover of Sızıntı, the flagship religious magazine of the Gülen movement.

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