42.1 percent think Turkish lira lost value due to a foreign plot against Turkey


According to a recent poll, 42.1 percent of the Turkish public believes that the loss in value of the Turkish lira against the US dollar is part of “a plot against Turkey devised by foreign powers.”

The MetroPoll polling company on Thursday revealed an excerpt from its recent report, titled “Turkey’s Pulse April 2018,” showing how the Turkish public has reacted to the lira’s recent slide.

While 42.1 percent blamed foreign powers, only 24.8 percent saw the incumbent government as responsible. Eighteen percent said the reason for the lira’s decline was negative developments in the world economy, whereas 9.2 percent attributed the weak foundations of the Turkish economy.

Among those who believed there was a plot against Turkey, 20 percent are Republican People’s Party (CHP) voters, while 58.5 percent of them support the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP).

However, 71.4 percent of those surveyed thought the loss in value of the lira affected them negatively.

Today, 1 US dollar is valued 4.46 Turkish lira, while it was TL 4 on April 17.

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  1. Some Turkish polls have always been more accurate than others. In a climate of free speech, results have some credibility but in the present climate of fear and persecution, the results don’t mean anything. The average Turk does not want to talk at all to anybody these days for fear of denouncement, arrest, and being accused of trumped up charges with no right to prove their innocence.