Court cancels results of MHP’s dissident-led congress

ANKARA, TURKEY - JUNE 19: Announced candidates Sinan Ogan (2nd R), Meral Akşener and Koray Aydin (R) attend the 6th MHP Extraordinary Congress assembled by the Organizational Committee appointed by the 12th Ankara Civil Court at the Buyuk Anadolu Hotel in Ankara, Turkey on June 19, 2016. Dissident delegates hope to change the party bylaws banning leadership elections at extraordinary congresses, and then schedule a new congress to try to oust longstanding Chairman Devlet Bahçeli. AFP

An Ankara court on Tuesday ruled to annul the results of a Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) extraordinary congress held by dissidents in the party last summer.

The dissidents, Meral Akşener, Sinan Oğan, Ümit Özdağ, Koray Aydın, Mustafa Sait Gönen and Süleyman Servet Sazak, held the extraordinary congress in Ankara on June 16, 2016 despite objections from the party’s general headquarters.

During the congress, the party’s delegates amended the 63rd article of the party’s bylaws, which said, “Elections cannot be held during an extraordinary congress.”

However, the party’s general headquarters did not approve the amendment and challenged the extraordinary congress at the Ankara 3rd Civil Court of First Instance.

The court announced its ruling on Tuesday and moved to cancel the results of the dissident-led MHP extraordinary congress.

One of the leading dissident figures in the MHP, Akşener, criticized the court ruling from her Twitter account on Tuesday.

“The results of the congress have been cancelled. The trial has been concluded in 10 minutes. We waited for one year for a decision that would be made in 10 minutes. The will of 700 delegates has been ignored,” wrote Akşener.

There were claims that Akşener, who has run for MHP leadership, might choose to establish a new political party in the event the court were to cancel the results of last year’s congress.

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