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Erdoğan calls on people to drive the West and ‘terrorists’ crazy

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In the last day of his nonstop propaganda campaign for “yes” votes in Sunday’s referendum on a switch to an executive presidency, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Saturday targeted the West, calling on people to drive the West and “terrorists” mad with their support, Cumhuriyet reported.

“Let’s pass such a reform that the West goes crazy, goes mad, the ‘terrorists’ go crazy, go mad, tomorrow evening,” said Erdoğan during a campaign speech in the Ümraniye district of İstanbul.

Erdoğan held four campaign rallies in four hours in İstanbul on Saturday.

In addition to the opposition parties, the West became a target of Erdoğan during his long and intense referendum campaign.

“We [Turks] made a big decision when we opened the gates of Anatolia in 1071. Similarly, we made a big decision when we conquered İstanbul. For centuries some have not been able to forget the pain of losing İstanbul in 1453,” Erdoğan said last week during a program dedicated to “Relatives of July 15 Martyrs and Veterans” in İstanbul.

In another speech in April President Erdoğan described Europe as the center of Nazism today and said it will pay a heavy price for it.

Portraying the European Union as “the alliance of crusaders,” in another campaign speech, Erdoğan called on people to respond to the EU in a referendum on April 16.

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