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Academic suspended over call for Alevi massacre

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Abdülkadir Şen, an academic at Alparslan University in Muş province, was suspended on Tuesday after posting social media messages that called for the massacre of Alevis in Turkey as a response to what the Bashar Al Assad regime is doing in Aleppo.

“All dishonest sectarians who say ‘cemevi,’ Ali, respect for human beings, Madımak and tolerance now stand with the murderers in Aleppo. Damned community. Oh, those sectarians who defended the regime that cowardly bombs children, women and civilians in Aleppo: A new Manzikert [war in 1071 that paved the way for the conquest of Anatolia by the Seljuk Empire] awaits you in this geography. Every corner of this geography will experience another Manzikert. The fanatical sectarian bastards of Shah İsmail [shah of Iran who converted the country from Sunni to Shi’a Islam] will pay. You became shah, so we will become Yavuz [Ottoman sultan who defeated Shah İsmail and harshly suppressed followers in Anatolia]. If the Syrian resistance fails, the war will take place in Anatolia with the wild sectarians of Shah İsmail,” said Şen in a series of messages he shared on Twitter on Tuesday.

Upon reactions to his posts Şen closed his Twitter account. Late in the day, Alparslan University announced that an investigation had been launched into Şen and that he has been suspended until its conclusion.

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