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Pro gov’t TV claims Gülen sends a secret signal by drinking tea

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During a TV program recently aired on the pro-government Haber-Turk station, Sabah daily columnists Ferhat Ünlü and Metehan Demir and TV anchor Didem Arslan Yılmaz discussed whether US-based Turkish Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen’s drinking black tea sends a secret signal to followers of the Gülen movement.

Ünlü stated during the program that he received a tip from a source he trusts that drinking tea is “some sort of code among the movement for clandestine activities.”

“I don’t know if drinking tea has some sort of a secret meaning [within the movement]. But maybe Metehan [Demir] knows about this,” Ünlü said.

In response Demir said: “This sounds like a joke, but we must definitely appeal to the source [to learn about this]. We need to ask him what he witnessed among them [the Gülen movement].”  (Turkey Purge)

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