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5 released pending trial in ISIS bombing of German tourists in İstanbul

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Five suspects have been released pending trial in the case concerning the suicide attack by the terrorist Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) that killed 12 German tourists in central İstanbul on Jan. 12.

A total of 26 suspects, 18 of which are under arrest, are accused of having links to the bomb attack that took place in the Sultanahmet Square, a tourist attraction in İstanbul.

The released suspects are subjected to travel ban, and are named as follows: Muhammad Hindawi, Mustafa Sraiwel, İbrahim El İbrahim, Mohammed Izghib and Muhammed Isa.

The İstanbul 14th High Penal Court, which has been handling the trial, ruled that there is no sufficient evidence connecting the five suspects to the terrorist attack.

A total of 18 suspects, including Syrian and Iraqi nationals, are still under arrest.

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