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Radiators installed over priceless tiles at historical mosque in İstanbul

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Radiators have been installed over blue ceramic tiles adorning the interior walls of a 16th century mosque in İstanbul in a development that has rekindled a debate about Turkey’s  failure to protect its cultural and historical heritage.

Ramazan Efendi Mosque in İstanbul’s Kocamustafa neighborhood has come to public attention when photos from inside the mosque were shared on social media, leading to an outrage.

Photos show radiators having been installed over the ceramic blue tiles decorating the interior walls of the mosque, which was constructed in 1586 by Mimar Sinan who is also known as Sinan the Architect.

Over the radiators, a note was placed warning visitors not to lean on the radiators because they could ruin the historical tiles.

A Twitter user voiced his reaction over the installation of radiators on ceramic tiles in the historic mosque as well as the warning left on the radiators, saying: “What in the world you were thinking when those radiators were being installed there? You installed them and saw that they are ruining the tiles, then why didn’t you take them out?”

Turkey is frequently criticized for failing to take good care of its cultural and historical works and sites. Botched restorations of some historical works have distorted their original features and left them looking markedly different from the valuable originals.

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