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Turkey Al Qaeda

[OPINION] ISIL and al-Qaeda booksellers are thriving in Erdoğan’s Turkey

Abdullah Bozkurt An al-Qaeda-linked bookstore owner in Istanbul who has been selling jihadist books to Turks continues to operate without many obstacles despite a clear...

[OPINION] Al-Qaeda and ISIL outfits operate in Turkey under charity cover

Abdullah Bozkurt Two front aid groups that operate in Turkey’s southeastern border provinces near Syria, led by known militants of al-Qaeda and the Islamic State...

[OPINION] ISIL takes root in the secular western provinces of Turkey

by Abdullah Bozkurt Jihadist cells linked to al-Qaeda and the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) have not only taken root in conservative,...

[OPINION] Ambassador of China in Turkey may be at risk

by Abdullah Bozkurt The ambassador of China in the Turkish capital of Ankara would be better off by getting additional security in the aftermath of...

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