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Religious Affairs

Religious Affairs’ 2023 budget tops 7 out of 17 Turkish ministries

Turkey’s Religious Affairs Directorate (Diyanet) will have a budget in 2023 that will be far bigger than the budgets of seven out of 17...

Turkey appoints 3 imams, 5 muezzins to Hagia Sophia

Turkey's top religious authority on Thursday appointed three imams and five muezzins to Hagia Sophia Mosque, an iconic landmark in İstanbul set to open...

Turkey’s Religious Affairs Directorate ordered by court to pay electric bills of Alevi house of worship

A court in Mersin has ruled that the electric bills of a cemevi, an Alevi house of worship, must be paid by the Religious...

Religious Affairs rejects spying allegations, says DİTİB being insulted

President of Turkey's Religious Affairs Directorate Professor Mehmet Görmez has denied claims that some Turkish imams in Germany have been involved in spying activities...

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