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Minority and Refugee Rights in Turkey: 2021 in Review

Minorities and refugees in Turkey continued to suffer from rights violations, hate speech and attacks throughout the year. President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and his...

Turkey to announce new voting rights for minority religious foundations

A Turkish diplomat has said that a new regulation allowing religious community foundations in Turkey to elect their own boards of directors will come...

‘Eternal’ wine revives Assyrian culture in Turkey

Assyrian merchant Yuhanna Aktaş no longer has to hide from villagers in his conservative corner of southern Turkey that the grapes they harvest are...

Grey Wolves pose danger for minorities in Germany, Jewish advocacy group warns

A recent study drafted by a leading global Jewish advocacy organization has warned that the Grey Wolves, the far-right Ülkücü movement, which enjoys a...

People in Turkey with non-Turkish names feel like ‘exotic animals in a zoo’

Alin Ozinian If you live in Turkey as part of a non-Muslim minority, your name will be the first thing that makes you visible to...

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