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Documentary ‘Aysel’ reveals injustices suffered by Kurdish politician

“Aysel,” a documentary filmed as part of the “Women’s Voice for Peace” project, reveals the injustices suffered by Kurdish politician Aysel Tuğluk, who was...

Documentary details persecution of hundreds of military cadets over failed 2016 coup

A documentary telling the stories of military cadets in Turkey, hundreds of whom were unjustly convicted due to their alleged involvement in a failed...

Greek journalist’s documentary focuses on family that fled Turkey’s post-coup crackdown

A documentary by Greek journalist Mariana Kakaounaki tells of the injustices faced by victims of Turkey’s post-coup crackdown, focusing on a tragedy that took...

Documentary reveals injustices faced by academics purged in Turkey’s post-coup crackdown

"Elması Çöpe Atmak" (Throwing Diamonds in the Trash), a documentary recently released on KHK TV –- a YouTube channel established by Turkey’s purge victims –-...

Documentary reveals Turkish gov’t’s reluctance to shed light on coup attempt

A documentary that presents statements from military officers, politicians, journalists and civilians related to a coup attempt in Turkey in 2016 shows that Turkish...

Sean Penn in İstanbul to film Khashoggi documentary

Actor Sean Penn was seen in front of the Saudi Consulate General in Istanbul, reportedly making a documentary about journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who was...

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