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Cenk Yiğiter

OHAL Commission refuses to reinstate ‘Academics for Peace’ signatory despite court decision

An appeals commission in Turkey overseeing appeals filed against the summary dismissal of public servants in the aftermath of a 2016 coup attempt has...

Turkish Justice Ministry seeks cancelation of dismissed academic’s license to practice law

The Turkish Justice Ministry has filed a complaint against dismissed academic Cenk Yiğiter in an effort to cancel his license to practice law and...

Released academic says detention has become common practice in Turkey

Cenk Yiğiter, an academic who had been fired from his job by the Turkish government, was released on Monday following his detention on Friday...

Expelled academic detained on suspicion of terrorism

Dismissed academic Cenk Yiğiter was detained on Friday at his home in Ankara on suspicion of terrorism, the Gazete Duvar news website reported. According to...

Turkish academic seeks to enter university as student after post-coup dismissal

A former research assistant at Ankara University’s faculty of law, Cenk Yiğiter, found a way to get around a post-coup witch hunt, as he...

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