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canan coşkun

Journalist Coşkun acquitted of insulting Turkey’s president

An İstanbul on Thursday court ruled to acquit former Cumhuriyet daily court reporter Canan Coşkun of charges of insulting the president, the T24 news...

3 Turkish journalists detained overnight in İstanbul

Turkish police on Saturday night detained journalists Zeynep Kuray, İrfan Tunççelik and Canan Coşkun, the Diken news website reported. Coşkun, who works for Mediascope TV, spent the night...

Cumhuriyet reporter given 27-month jail sentence due to report

An İstanbul court has handed down a sentence of two years, three months to Cumhuriyet daily justice reporter Canan Coşkun on charges of endangering...

Cumhuriyet journalist faces 3 years in prison over report

An İstanbul prosecutor presented his final opinion to a court on Tuesday in a case against journalist Canan Coşkun, demanding up to three years’...

Cumhuriyet reporter receives suspended sentence for MİT story

An İstanbul court on Tuesday decided on a suspended 10-month sentence for Cumhuriyet daily reporter Canan Coşkun for her reports on the Turkish intelligence...

Cumhuriyet reporter fined for ‘defaming civil servants’

The İstanbul 2nd Penal Court of First Instance on Thursday fined Cumhuriyet daily correspondent Canan Coşkun TL 12,600 ($3,250) for a report she wrote...

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