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arrested over Gülen links

Woman with high risk pregnancy jailed over Gülen links

A young woman who is 18 weeks pregnant and has a risk of miscarriage has been arrested in the western province of İzmir due...

Former Burdur governor arrested over Gülen links

Hasan Kürklü, the former governor of Bursa province, was arrested on Tuesday and jailed in Antalya province on charges of alleged links to the...

Court charges jailed US pastor with attempting to destroy constitutional order in Turkey

A Turkish court on Thursday charged American pastor Andrew Brunson, who was jailed in Turkey in October due to alleged links to the faith-based...

3 consecutive life sentences sought for former İstanbul governor, police chief over Gülen links

An İstanbul prosecutor has submitted an indictment seeking three consecutive life sentences for former İstanbul Governor Hüseyin Avni Mutlu and former Police Chief Hüseyin...

Former deputy PM Arınç’s son-in-law arrested over Gülen links

Ekrem Yeter, the son-in-law of former Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç, was arrested by a court after his detention in Ankara early Monday as...

Letter to columnist reveals how poorly nursing mothers treated in Turkish prisons

A letter from the jailed victim of a government crackdown on the faith-based Gülen movement to Yeni Asya daily Editor-in-Chief Kazım Güleçyüz shows that...

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