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Muslims commemorate victims of Vienna attack

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Muslims from an Austrian NGO on Wednesday visited the scene of a recent attack in Vienna that left four dead and 23 wounded in an incident branded by the Austrian government as a terrorist act, to commemorate the victims.

The Friede Institute for Dialogue, a non-profit organization promoting peaceful coexistence through dialogue, also published a press statement condemning the violence and expressing their condolences for the victims.


We were horrified by the terrorist attack that this time targeted our beloved city and our country. We strongly condemn this despicable and cowardly act. We send our condolences to the relatives of the victims and wish a speedy recovery for the wounded.

We would like to thank all the security forces and health workers who have risked their lives to protect people and prevent things from getting worse. As devout Muslims at the Friede Institute for Dialogue, we are committed to our ideals of living in peace and upholding human dignity, human rights, democracy, rule of law, freedom of expression and pluralism.

“Every human was created as worthy, and every human life is sacred no matter their beliefs.”

Fethullah Gülen, October 30, 2020

Muslim cleric Fethullah Gülen clearly expressed our views on the cruelty that took place in his condemnation of last week’s terrorist attacks in France:

“Committing these kinds of atrocities is a clear sign that the perpetrators have not benefited from the Prophet’s message that embraces all of humanity with compassion. At the same time, such actions are the greatest disrespect to his legacy.”

Words can lose their meaning and become inadequate in the face of terrorism. We can find ourselves in deep silence. However, it is exactly the opposite that should prevail against this brutal and inhumane behavior, and we should speak up even more powerfully.

As the Friede Institute for Dialogue, we will continue to express our commitment to peaceful coexistence and persist in our tireless efforts to that end. Every attempt to undermine social peace and harmony will only increase our dedication to our shared values.

*In German: “Our heart is bleeding”

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