Pro-gov’t journalist says Hagia Sophia move should be followed by restoration of caliphate

President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan visits the Tombstones of Ahlat the Urartian and Ottoman citadel on the 947th anniversary of Victory of Malazgirt (1071 Manzikert War) in Bitlis, Turkey on August 26, 2018. AFP PHOTO

TV presenter Fatin Dağıstanlı, who works for the pro-government Akit TV, has called for the restoration of the caliphate following a recent decision by the Turkish government to convert İstanbul’s ancient Hagia Sophia back into a mosque.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan last Friday signed a decree converting the Hagia Sophia to a mosque. The monument, which was a church before the conquest of İstanbul in 1453, became a mosque under Ottoman rule. Since the establishment of secular Turkey in 1923, it has served as a museum open to visitors for a fee.

During the “Sunday Major Story” program hosted by Dağıstanlı on Akit TV on Sunday, the journalist was discussing the conversion of Hagia Sophia with his guest, Musa Biçkioğlu, a tour guide who describes himself as an expert on Jerusalem.

“This message [concerning the conversion of Hagia Sophia] was important. This should be followed by the restoration of the caliphate. I am paying a lot of attention to this. … This will lead to both political and economic benefits. It will also be a very important development for the ummah,” said Dağıstanlı.

Following the establishment of Turkish Republic, the Turkish Parliament abolished the caliphate in 1924.

Erdoğan is frequently referred to as the “caliph” or the “leader of the Islamic ummah” by his supporters.

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  1. Indeed, the most important and vital issue for the Ummah right now is the restoration of the Caliphate.. Classical Islamic scholars have long established this fact, that the Caliphate is an obligation (see Quotes in this link and this

    Restoring the caliphate will bring back dignity and glory to the Muslim Ummah… It is in its absence that Muslims languish in poverty and insecurity all over the world

  2. And make Erdogan’s wet dream come true: calling himself the Mahdi as he plan’s to do in 2014 an idea he frequently let be launched by its supporters.
    But the Arab world is against The Ottomans, the Turkish rulers and Erdogan. And the whole world is against the dictator and would be Sultan, Caliph, Mahdi or what ever sublime title he invented for him self. He and the caliphate will bring nothing as poverty, distortion and oppression to his people as he does today but worse, and to the world he hates. By the way sholars do not bring facts or obligations neither as that brings Erdogan the ummah , peace, justice or prosperity what he established as a fact under his rule.

    • Silly comment indeed out of touch with the ground reality in the Muslim world. Muslims all over the world eagerly await the re-establishment Of the Islamic Caliphate, I have not seen much to confirm that Erdogan understands that particular political architecture, rather may just be trying to tap into the sentiment of the Muslims to secure his electoral popularity. However he (Erdogan) would be well advised to study the Islamic political concept of the Caliphate and understand his role in trying to re-establish it.

  3. Re: last comment, I speak as an Arab. The Arab world has nothing against the Ottomons. The dictators do.

    I for one would welcome a return on the Ottomons to reunite the Middle East and stop the bloodshed and wars.