Turkey will send medical gear to United States in support of coronavirus fight: Erdoğan


President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said that Turkey will send medical gear including protective suits and masks to the United States on Tuesday to help its efforts to contain the coronavirus outbreak, Reuters reported.

“At a time when even developed countries are asking for Turkey’s support, we have offered our support to a wide geography, from the Balkans to Africa,” Erdoğan told reporters following a cabinet meeting.

“Most recently, we are sending medical aid to the United States on Tuesday, consisting of surgical masks, N95 masks, hazmat suits and disinfectants,” Erdogan said, adding that the shipment would be delivered by a Turkish military plane.

Erdoğan also said a three-day lockdown would be imposed in 31 cities as of Friday, May 1, and that weekend lockdowns would continue until after Eid al-Fitr in late May. He said a schedule for returning to normal would be announced soon.

Turkey’s confirmed cases of COVID-19 increased by 2,131 in the past 24 hours, and 95 more people have died, taking the death toll to 2,900, Health Ministry data showed on Monday.

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  1. The real joke ( actually it is no joke but a drama) is that no body in the whole world gives a damme what Turkey is sending: it is only for national consumption because the international media who should mention it are very rare, practically not exciting. While Turks in need are restrained from those goods so much more then The receiving countries. Those receiving countries should send the gifts back out of pure humanity for the suffering people in Turkey, they accept the gifts because of diplomatic politeness, an unknown behaviour for Erdogan. This is window dressing, behind this show Turkey confiscate payed goods owned by other countries to use in Turkey, ore how Erdogan once more is demonstrating his unreliability. But of course if Turks are kept from knowing the real facts and are only allowed to take in regime news he has reached his goal.