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Public education sector in Turkey lacks women in management positions: report

Although nearly 53 percent of public school teachers in Turkey are women, only 2 percent of them have been assigned as directors of provincial public education branches, an opposition deputy told the Birgün daily.

Gamze Taşçıer from the Republican People’s Party (CHP) revealed the number of male and female teachers in the public education sector after receiving an answer to a parliamentary inquiry.

According to Taşçıer there are nearly 550,000 female teachers in public schools, while some 480,000 are male.

Among 81 provincial directorates of public education, only two are headed by women, Taşçıer said, adding that out of 950 district directorates, only 12 district directors are female.

Turkey has 54,036 public schools, and only 2,904 of them have female principals, she said.

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