Ruling AKP launches social media campaign to counter opposition hashtag for İstanbul election


Turkey’s ruling party has launched a social media campaign to counter the opposition’s highly popular Twitter hashtag #herşeyçokgüzelolacak (Everything will be OK), claiming that the İstanbul election results were canceled because the election was stolen by the opposition.

The campaign was started by the Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) İstanbul candidate, Binali Yıldırım, who told reporters who had asked why the results were canceled that “it is simply because they stole the election.”

The hashtag #çünküçaldılar (because they stole) appeared on Twitter’s worldwide trending topics list on Saturday evening, as pro-AKP celebrities and TV personalities supported it with videos.

Turkey’s Supreme Election Board on Monday canceled the election results and ruled that a new election for İstanbul mayor be held on June 23. The

AKP desperately needs to re-energize its grass roots to win İstanbul’s top mayoral position, which it lost narrowly on March 31.

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  1. Erdogan might cheat the opposition, he might jail them, kill them, falsify the Istanbul elections but he can never change the economic truth, the proof of his mismanagement, of the mistrust he created in the world , of the apathy, the even aversive feelings towarts Turkey that even all prays to Allah can not change . It is a pity for all reasonable Turks that one individual with a totalitarian ideology is able to dump them back in history back to a third world country status.Look how he dumped 5 billion of valuable Dollars on Friday to support:- a sinking lira that is no to safe with ballocks dreams – pigheaded stubbornly not want to give in on rationality and stupidly follows his own idiotic fantasy. Anyway he will be his own stumblestone, his own downfall, their is no way back mostly because of his stiffnecked know it all.