Turkish presidency prepares booklet explaining YSK decision to cancel İstanbul election results

The presidential palace in Ankara

The Turkish presidency has prepared a 6-page booklet explaining the Supreme Election Board’s (YSK) ruling to cancel the results of the March 31 İstanbul mayoral election, the Habertürk news website reported on Thursday.

The board’s decision, which was based on the assignment of polling station officials who were not public servants as stipulated by law, came after a number of objections filed by the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP).

The opposition criticized the ruling for only canceling the results of the mayoral race instead of also annulling the district election results since the same officials were in charge in the polling stations.

The booklet responds to the opposition’s criticism, saying that the YSK only deals with objections and that the AKP specifically requested a cancelation of the metropolitan mayor election results.

It also argues that the YSK only found 42,000 suspicious votes in 123 ballot boxes, which only could affect the metropolitan mayoral election, narrowly won by the opposition on March 31.

The booklet was also criticized by the opposition on social media because President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is the chair of the ruling AKP and used presidential resources for his party’s politics.

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  1. Clearly Not YSK decided the cancelation of the election but the “precidency” (dictator?) and now this “presidency” is preparing a “justification”? Wonder how they (he) is going to explain the plain inconsequency and hypocrecy n the verdict. In the end Erdogan’s own incapability to lead a country is unavoidable fnalised in the impoverishment of all Turks, the destruction of the Lira, the labour, the safety and the drift downwarts to the third world country status. Pity for al those good Intelligent Turkish people they deserve beter as does the world.