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Public broadcaster cancels program of singer who supported opposition hashtag

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The Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT), Turkey’s public broadcaster, has cancelled a radio program featuring Turkish singer Sibel Tüzün because she supported an opposition hashtag after the cancelation of the results of the İstanbul mayoral election, the Diken news website reported on Thursday.

Tüzün was one of a number of singers, actors and filmmakers who tweeted messages with the hashtag #herşeyçokgüzelolacak, meaning “Everything is going to be OK,” after the country’s election authority cancelled the İstanbul mayoral vote on Monday, won by opposition candidate Ekrem İmamoğlu.

The celebrities posted messages in support of İmamoğlu after he called on them to speak out against the YSK decision.

Tüzün announced from her Twitter account that the program on TRT FM on May 14 had been cancelled by the relevant authorities due to her recent posts about İmamoğlu and that she was informed of the decision on Wednesday.

In a controversial development, Muhammet Safi, the head of the archives department at the Turkish presidency, on Tuesday tweeted a list targeting celebrities who had supported the opposition hashtag.

Safi tweeted a picture of a notebook page on which a list of numerous celebrity names was handwritten, with the caption “record,” attracting widespread criticism for blacklisting the celebrities due to their support for an opposition candidate.

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