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Erdoğan’s net worth: TL 6 million in cash, TL 2 million in debt

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has TL 6,347,000 in cash on hand but owes TL 2,000,000 to a Turkish businessman, according to details of his net worth published in the Official Gazette on Thursday.

In addition to the official results of the June 24 general and presidential elections, the Official Gazette also published a list of Erdoğan’s personal assets and liabilities.

Erdoğan, whose salary is around $92,000 annually, was re-elected president with 52 percent of the nationwide vote.

The businessman to whom Erdoğan owns TL 2 million debt is listed as Mehmet Gür.

Differing from last year’s list, Erdoğan’s residence, valued at TL 4 million, in İstanbul’s Kısıklı neighborhood was also added to the list of his personal assets.

President Erdoğan, whose name appeared in a corruption investigation in late 2013, is thought to have much more wealth than is officially stated.

According data published by Turkish opposition newspaper Cumhuriyet, all members of the Erdoğan family appear to be in business.

A German daily, Bild also revealed that Erdoğan’s son Ahmet’s net worth was around $80 million and made claims that he may be supported by the Turkish government.

Erdoğan also has one of the most lavish official residences in the world, with 1,100 rooms, 250 of which are for the sole use of the Erdoğan family.

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