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Erdoğan says Trump, Putin are fooling the world on Syria

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Monday reacted to recent remarks made by US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin that no military solution was possible in Syria, saying they are trying to fool world as they have military bases in Syria, the state-run Anadolu news agency reported.

“If a military solution is not possible, they [the US and Russia] should withdraw their forces. There are no Turkish soldiers [in Syria], only theirs,” Erdoğan said, speaking at Istanbul Atatürk Airport prior to a visit to Russia, in response to a question about Trump and Putin’s recent statement in Vietnam.

“There are five US airbases in northern Syria. Another one has been prepared in Raqqa. There are also eight other military bases owned by the US. Russia has five bases. These are the facts. When will we ‘out’ these facts?” added Erdoğan.

“The US alone has sent 3,500 weapons and military vehicles and equipment to Syria. If there is no military solution, what are those for?” asked Erdoğan, adding that the Russian and and US leaders’ remarks for a solution in Syria without military means do not reflect the facts: “I am sorry, but it’s not like they say.”

Recalling that the US has not even withdrawn all forces from Iraq despite their promises to do so, Erdoğan said: “Are they now in Iraq? Yes. The world is no fool.”

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