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2,300-year-old road discovered in Turkey’s Antalya

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A 2,300-year-old road on which Alexander the Great is believed to have walked has been discovered near the ancient city of Termessos in Antalya province, the Diken news website reported on Wednesday.

Cemil Karabayram, the director of surveying and monuments in Antalya, said no archeological excavations had been conducted in the ancient city this year until a scientific commission was set up.

He said a main road that extends southward and that had probably been used between the ancient cities of Termessos and Attaleia was discovered during work on the fortification of the city walls.

According to Karabayram, the road has been affected by earthquakes but has not sustained serious damage and that there are also stairs and passage routes.

The 2,300-year-old ancient city of Termessos is located 30 kilometers northwest of Antalya in Güllük Mountain National Park, situated at an altitude of 1,665 meters.

Termessos has been on the tentative list for UNESCO World Heritage since 2000.

The ancient city of Termessos, which was founded by the Solims living in the Psidia region, was surrounded by Alexander the Great in 333 BC. Although not much is known about the Solims and Termessos, they are mentioned by Homer in the Iliad in connection with the legend of Bellerophon. The most significant remains of the site are the city walls, towers, King’s Road, Hadrian’s Gate, gymnasium, agora, theatre, odeon, richly decorated tombs, cisterns and a drainage system.

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