38 detained for joining demonstrations in protest of YSK’s unstamped ballot decision


Turkish police have detained a total of 38 people in İstanbul who took part in demonstrations in protest of a decision by Turkey’s Supreme Election Board (YSK) to consider as valid unstamped ballots cast in a referendum on Sunday.

The detainees were reportedly taken to the İstanbul Police Department on Wednesday morning.

A constitutional reform package introducing an executive presidency in Turkey was approved by 51.4 percent of the electorate in Sunday’s referendum.

During the voting, some citizens cast their votes in unstamped ballots, while others used envelopes and ballots they brought with them, which prompted some opposition parties and naysayers to raise suspicions about the validity of the votes.

In a statement on Monday morning, the YSK said the ballot papers and envelopes brought by some citizens from outside were produced by the YSK and were authentic.

Demonstrations have been held across Turkey to protest the YSK decision to consider the unstamped ballots valid.

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