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Erdoğan’s chief aide: Turkey developed missiles capable of striking EU countries

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Speaking on public broadcaster TRT, Yiğit Bulut, a chief advisor of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, claimed that Turkey has developed missiles that have the capability of striking any country within the European Union.

In a weekly news program on TRT Haber on Friday, Bulut, who has gone from harsh critic to loyalist, further argued that Turkey now has over 70 percent independence in defense technology.

Bulut is a strong believer in conspiracy theories and is known for his anti-Western and anti-European rhetoric.

Bulut frequently appears on television shows and talk about how Turkey is resisting Western efforts to undermine it thanks to President Erdoğan.

Last week, Bulut revealed that the president suggested the removal of historical French statues during a visit to Africa.

Speaking on state-run TRT last week, Bulut talked about the importance of the African continent and how differently Turkey approaches it when compared to European countries that he said merely aimed to exploit its resources.

“When we go to Africa, we are not going there like Holland, when we go there, we don’t go there like France. Mr. President told [locals] during a visit [to Africa], ‘Remove those French statues, throw them away,'” Bulut said in televised remarks.

In December, Bulut claimed on live TV that foreign chefs who host cooking shows are spying on Turkey.

“Please don’t think I’m exaggerating or that this is a conspiracy theory,” Bulut said on a program aired by the staunchly pro-government TV station A Haber.

Bulut argued that foreign chefs who travel around Anatolia for cooking shows are actually gathering information about Turkey. He further said “gullible” Turkish villagers host these foreign chefs and show them around, urging the Turkish nation not to be fooled by their spying activities.

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