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[VIDEO] Erdoğan says he is a dictator towards EU mentality

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While slamming the European Parliament (EP) for its vote to freeze EU accession talks with Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on Friday that he is a dictator towards those possessing this “mentality” but is compassionate towards other, more sincere, mentalities.

“You know there is this Erdoğan whom you call a dictator; this Erdoğan is a dictator towards this mentality,” Erdoğan said without specifying exactly what mentality he was referring to although clearly targeting the EU. “But he is compassionate towards those who are sincere,” Erdoğan added, speaking about himself in the third person.

The audience listening to Erdoğan on Friday in İstanbul booed the EU after Erdoğan lashed out at the bloc, which Turkey seeks to join.

He also belittled the EP’s vote in favor of freezing talks with Turkey with an overwhelming majority. “What difference does it make if you make this decision or not?” Erdoğan said, addressing the EP as a whole.

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