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Sochi agreement

Russia says Turkish troops haven’t participated in joint patrols in Syria for 2 weeks

Turkish soldiers haven’t joined Russians for patrols in Syria over the past two weeks, providing no reason for their absence, the head of Russia's...

Russia claims no more moderate rebels in Idlib, all militants aligned with al Nusra

Oleg Syromolotov, Russia’s deputy foreign minister, has claimed all the militants in northern Syria’s Idlib region have sided with al Nusra and that the region no longer...

Turkey-backed rebel group set to withdraw heavy weapons from Idlib within days

Turkish-backed rebels said Sunday they expected to finish withdrawing heavy weapons from a planned buffer zone in northwestern Syria within days under a deal...

Putin says both Turkey and Russia fulfilling their commitments on Idlib

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said both Russia and Turkey are fulfilling commitments to a demilitarized zone in Syria’s Idlib area agreed during recent...

Turkish troop convoy enters Syria rebel zone as Idlib agreement deadline nears

A Turkish military convoy entered rebel-held northwestern Syria early on Wednesday, an AFP correspondent reported, as the deadline for establishing a buffer zone between...

Syrian rebels deny reports suggesting they are pulling heavy arms out of Idlib

Syrian rebels on Sunday denied pulling any heavy arms out of a major opposition bastion in the north, as the deadline to implement a...

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