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pro-government businessman

Party leader ordered to pay damages to pro-gov’t businessman for criticizing him

A local court has ordered Erkan Baş, chairman of the Workers Party of Turkey (TİP), to pay damages to pro-government businessman Mehmet Cengiz, chair...

Turkish newspaper acquired by pro-gov’t group lays off scores of employees

Turkey’s prominent Hürriyet newspaper, which was purchased last year by the pro-government Demirören group, has laid off nearly 50 employees including correspondents, editors and writers, the Diken...

CHP deputy slams presidential decree granting lucrative subsidies to pro-gov’t businessman

Republican People’s Party (CHP) deputy Aykut Erdoğdu has slammed a presidential decree granting lucrative government subsidies to a rail carriage manufacturing subsidiary of BMC...

Pro-gov’t businessman signs lucrative deal with Turkish defense contractor

An agreement valued at 94.6 million euros has been signed between the BMC automotive company, owned by a pro-government Turkish businessman, and Turkish electronics...

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