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Turkey sets lowest minimum wage in 11 years for its workers in 2021

Turkey's labor minister on Monday announced the net minimum wage for 2021 at TL 2,826 ($377), the lowest figure in in US dollars for...

[UPDATE] Death toll rises to 7 in Turkey’s fireworks factory explosion: report

The death toll from a massive explosion in a fireworks factory in Turkey has increased to seven, according to The Associated Press. The governor of...

Turkey’s unemployment rate hits highest since early 2017 at 11.1 pct

Turkey’s unemployment rate rose to 11.1 percent in the July-September period, official data showed on Thursday, hitting its highest level since early last year...

Turkey’s unemployment rate drops to 10.1 pct but remains in double digits

Turkey’s unemployment rate stood at 10.1 percent in March, falling 1.6 percentage points on a yearly basis but remaining in double digits, the Hürriyet...

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