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Top court finds reduced sentence for man who killed woman for rejecting proposal ‘reasonable’

A board at the Supreme Court of Appeals has found the reduction of a sentence given to a man who was convicted of the...

[OPINION] How bar associations enabled Turkey’s long-standing culture of impunity

Ali Yıldız* Impunity is the exemption or protection from penalty or punishment. In the context of human rights law, impunity arises when those who commit...

Vast majority of police officers suspected of excessive use of force go unpunished

Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu has stated that as few as 12 of 2,594 police officers who were suspected of excessive use of force...

Trial of 13 police officers accused of killing protester in 2011 finally begins

The trial of 13 police officers charged with killing a protestor during a 2011 demonstration in Artvin province against a government power plant project...

US State Dep’t cites widespread rights abuses, impunity, in annual human rights report on Turkey

The US Department of State on Wednesday released its annual human rights report on Turkey in which it listed ongoing widespread rights violations as well as impunity...

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