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EU progress report

Report: Turkey doing worse than before in efforts to join EU, says commission

Turkey is doing worse than before in its efforts to join the EU, according to the European Commission’s accession progress report due to be...

EU denies claims of designating Gülen movement as ‘terrorist organization’ in report

The European Union has denied claims made by the Turkish press that it has for the first time called the Gülen movement a “terrorist”...

EU minister: Report on Turkey far from constructive

Reacting to the severe criticism of Turkey for serious backsliding on fundamental freedoms and the rule of law in the latest European Union progress...

EU report: Turkey backsliding in fundamental rights, rule of law

The European Union’s Turkey 2016 Report, released on Wednesday, strongly criticized Turkey as a candidate country for backsliding in the areas of rule of law...

Turkey returns progress report to EU in protest of “Armenian genocide” row

Turkey’s Ambassador to the European Union (EU), Selim Yenel, returned the EU’s 2016 progress report on the country to the European Parliament (EP) without...

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