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Erdoğan regime

Turkey holds thousands in solitary in Erdoğan’s prisons: report

Thousands of prisoners are being held in solitary confinement in Turkey under conditions so harsh that some prisoners consider dying by suicide, Deutsche Welle Turkish service reported...

Turkish gov’t secretly investigated family members of critical journalists in Turkey

The Turkish government secretly investigated the family members of journalists critical of the government including their spouses and children, a document obtained by Nordic...

[OPINION] Writing Turkey a new story

OPINION | MEHMET EFE ÇAMAN I believe that not only people but also countries have stories to tell. I guess Mr. Mehmet Göçmen, the CEO...

[OPINION] Erdoğan gov’t turns to rape as a political weapon in Turkey

Abdullah Bozkurt As part of an escalating crackdown on the right to dissent, on criticism and on opposition voices in Turkey in recent years, the...

[OPINION] The growing threat of the Erdoğan regime in Turkey

Abdullah Bozkurt Turkey, under an overzealous Islamist president with a strong xenophobic character, has become a source of tension for its allies and partners and...

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