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disinformation bill

Turkey’s new ‘disinformation’ law yet another attack on free speech, critics say

The Turkish parliament on Thursday approved the “disinformation” law, which cements the government’s already-firm grip on social media platforms and news websites while criminalizing...

Opposition protests lead to delay of MPs’ debate on controversial article of ‘disinformation’ bill

Parliamentary debate on the controversial Article 29 of Turkey’s government-backed “disinformation” bill, which criminalizes the dissemination of “false or misleading information” and stipulates prison...

Turkey’s ‘disinformation’ bill could irreparably harm free speech prior to 2023 elections: PACE

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE)’s Monitoring Committee has expressed concern over a Turkish government-backed bill that criminalizes the dissemination of...

Criticism mounts as Turkish MPs begin debating controversial ‘disinformation’ bill

A government-backed bill that could intensify a years-long crackdown on critical reporting in Turkey has sparked criticism from politicians and legal experts as Turkish...

Journalists condemn Turkey’s controversial ‘disinformation’ bill

Turkish journalist organizations on Tuesday denounced a government-backed bill that could see offenders jailed for three years for spreading "disinformation," saying it threatens freedom...

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