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Overwhelming majority of Turkish LGBTs cannot reveal identity in workplace: study

A Turkish anti-riot police officer steps on a rainbow flag during a rally staged by the LGBTI community on Istiklal avenue in Istanbul on June 19, 2016. Turkish riot police fired rubber bullets and tear gas to break up a rally staged by the LGBT community in Istanbul on June 19 in defiance of a ban. Several hundred police surrounded the main Taksim Square -- where all demonstrations have been banned since 2013 -- to prevent the "Trans Pride" event taking place during Ramadan. / AFP PHOTO / OZAN KOSE

An overwhelming majority of Turkish LGBTs cannot reveal their sexual orientation in the workplace — 95.6 percent in the public sector and 83.6 percent in the private sector — according to a study conducted by İstanbul Kadir Has University and Kaos GL, an LGBT advocacy group in Turkey.

Among private sector workers only 10 percent of participants stated that their company has regulations prohibiting discrimination against LGBTs, whereas one out of every two has experienced some form of offense in the workplace.

In the public sector only 11 percent indicated that they had not encountered any discrimination.

The study was conducted on 228 public and 772 private sector employees. The participants were mostly young (18-35 years of age) and university graduates.

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