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Police check criminal records in Diyarbakır before Erdoğan campaign rally

Police in Diyarbakır knocked on the doors of houses from the airport to Mahabad Square, a 75-meter stretch of road, and checked residents’ criminal records prior to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s campaign rally in the city on Sunday.

Police also noted the number of people living in each house, according to the Mesopotamia news agency.

Extensive security measures included the establishment of hundreds of police posts in several areas inside the city, while barricades were erected at the entrances to some streets.

The municipality also ordered the paving of the route that Erdoğan would use.

The Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality has been run by a government trustee since November 2016, when former mayor Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) member Gülten Kışanak was detained.

After the appointment of the trustee, several signs in the city were changed by local authorities due to the fact that they were written in Kurdish.

However, the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) campaign in Diyarbakır occasionally uses Kurdish. For Erdoğan’s rally, also there were posters in Kurdish.

Turkey is heading to snap elections on June 24.

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