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İYİ Party’s Akşener hints at sending Syrian immigrants back home


The İYİ (Good) Party’s presidential candidate, Meral Akşener, on Monday vowed to break the fast for the next Ramadan in Syria, implying that Syrian immigrants in Turkey would be sent back home, the Diken news website reported.

“If you behave like a true government, you are not swallowed by a wave of immigrants. We will act according to a foreign policy plan that calls for breaking our fast in Syria for the 2019 Ramadan,” she said. She also announced that they are working on a new policy for immigrants, saying, “Everyone is happy in their own land.”

Akşener unveiled her party’s election bulletin for the upcoming polls on June 24, welcomed by a crowd chanting “President Akşener” at the Congresium Ankara international convention center.

Another promise she made involved the economy, which has recently become one of the main concerns of the Turkish public. Akşener pledged to move Turkey to the list of top 10 countries in terms of per capita income.

As the first thing she would do as president, Akşener said she would cancel a plan proposed by the current government to divide up universities. For the weeks now, university students and academics around Turkey have been protesting a government bill to split up 10 universities, including the historic Istanbul University.

According to the Hürriyet daily, 3,449 people have applied to the İYİ Party to become candidates for parliamentary seats ahead of the snap elections on June 24.

No applications were received from Hakkari or Bayburt provinces.

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