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[VIDEO] Policeman caught on camera stealing money, jewelry during house raid

A police officer was caught on camera stealing money and jewelry during a house raid in the Salihli district of Manisa province, dihaber reported on Tuesday.

According to the report, a recently revealed video that was taken during a house raid in Salihli on Sept. 5 of last year shows that police officer A.V.H. stole TL 400 and some jewelry while searching a house and tried to return them to the family when he was caught red handed, saying he found the items and was returning them.

The video, which was recorded by other police officers during the raid, shows that A.V.H. tries to convince family members that he didn’t steal money and jewelry by swearing on a Holy Quran in the room.

A.V.H. also walks up to the sister of the suspect who was being sought during the raid and tells her not to slander him. He claims in the video that he found the money and jewelry on a sofa that other police officers had already searched.

After people who were there during the raid confirmed that A.V.H. was not right in his claims, the family submitted a complaint against A.V.H., and he was detained for two days. However, A.V.H. was released by a court.

According to the report, A.V.H. was suspended on Oct. 10, 2016 after an investigation into him in İzmir Inspection Board.

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