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Nationalist politician: Executive presidency is a CIA project

Former MHP deputy Meral Akşener attends the 6th MHP Extraordinary Congress in Ankara, Turkey on June 19, 2016. AFP

Meral Akşener, a politician who was expelled from the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) due to her bid to oust the incumbent chairman, has said the executive presidency system that will be voted in an April 16 referendum is a CIA project.

Speaking during a TV appearance on Saturday, Akşener commented on the executive presidential system that will vest the president with even greater powers. “This is an imperialist trap against Turkey. That is known. The ideas of the head of Turkey desk at the CIA were reported in the press,” said Akşener, without elaborating.

According to Akşener, the CIA supports this system since it is easier to control a country that is run by one man.

Voicing nationalist concerns over the partition of Turkey, Akşener also said the new system allows the president to establish federal states instead of a unitary state.

Akşener defied the leadership of MHP Chairman Devlet Bahçeli, which resulted in her expulsion from the party. Bahçeli publicly supports the switch to an executive presidency, while Akşener is campaigning against it.

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