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Two MHP programs cancelled in Belgium

Belgian mayor of Antwerp Bart de Wever / AFP PHOTO / ANP / JERRY LAMPEN

Belgium has joined European countries banning the activities of Turkish political parties as two Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) events have been cancelled by authorities in Anvers, Hürriyet reported.

According to the report, after discussions with security personnel, Anvers Mayor Bart de Wever cancelled an activity planned by the MHP in the Berchem neighborhood on Friday.

The reason given was the risk of posing a threat to public order. De Wever also stated that another MHP program planned in Linkeroever had also been cancelled for the same reason.

Earlier, the Belgian far-right party Vlams Belang announced a counter activity if the MHP program was allowed to move forward in Berchem.

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark and the Netherlands have all recently cancelled some Turkish programs.

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